Consumer habits have fundamentally changed over the past 5 years and the first port of call when researching what to buy and who to buy from is online.  Businesses, however big or small and irrespective of whether they are selling products or services need an effective online presence. 


Having a website is just the start. Distinguishing your website from the many hundreds of other websites that are shown by search engines is essential. Driving qualified traffic to your website is key. With the age of smart phones, Social Media influencers and video blogging, consumer habits are still evolving and the impact of Social Media to provide a platform for your business is powerful. 

We offer a number of managed services to meet your needs and budget. ​If you are already advertising online and want to make your campaigns more effective, we can review and provide recommendations to improve your return on investment. If funds for a managed service are limited, then we can provide training to kick start your advertising campaigns.

Web Design


We design and build stunning 

websites that not only look great but engage potential customers and help bring in more business.


We also offer a fully managed service where we take care of all website administration



We offer a range of SEO services that will look to rank your website on the first page of search engines for relevant keywords linked to your business.  We also offer local SEO services for bricks and mortar businesses that operate in a specific geographical area.


Google Ads

We build and manage highly effective Google Ad Campaigns that connect potential customers with your business.


Already running a campaign. Let us benchmark it and tell you how to improve your return on investment.

Social Media 


We offer a range of social media engagement strategies. These can be paid or organic. Depending on the goals of your campaign  and the desired outcomes we will tailor your campaign to maximise return on investment whilst achieving your goal.

Content Marketing

Don't have the time or resource to generate compelling content for your website. We will generate unique, engaging, keyword rich content to your specification. We are also able to research and develop technical and educational papers. 


Consulting & Training


We offer a range of consulting solutions for businesses. From developing marketing strategies for SMEs to training small businesses owners how to develop and implement their own strategy. Whatever your size and budget we have you covered.


“II have used Cyber Solutions on 2 different websites and consistently found them excellent. They make the dark art of  Digital Marketing a straightforward process, providing invaluable knowledge, advice and support. Highly recommended.”

Richard Wood, BD DonateMySchool