In the connected world we live in today it is only a matter of time until a business experiences a cyber attack. How a business detects and responds to an attack will have a significant impact on the businesses ability to recover and continue to operate. The impact on a business is not only economic, but can also damage a firms reputation and may have legal connotations. It is incumbent upon business leaders to undertake appropriate due diligence to ensure that their business is prepared to defend against attack. To assist businesses in preparing for Cyber Attacks we offer a range of services.

Threat Landscape Analysis


We will undertake a comprehensive 

threat analysis that will identify likely threat actors both internally and externally. The landscape will vary from industry to industry and country to country.

Cyber Risk


We undertake a comprehensive review of the cyber readiness of organisations which details the risks that an organisation is holding and where appropriate make recommendations to mitigate them.


Business Continuity Planning

If a major event impacts the business's ability to continue operating a BCP/DRP should be activated. We can review your plan for effectiveness or develop a plan to enable your business to continue to operate with minimum impact. 


ISO 27001


We are able to support businesses that wish to gain ISO27001 accreditation. We also support businesses that require additional resource to manage or assist in the running of internal audit programmes.

Cyber Consulting


We offer a range of consulting services to meet specific needs of organisations. These can be short consultancy reviews and recommendations to supporting in-house staff on complex projects.


Virtual CISO

Many organisations do not have the budget with which to employ a full time CISO. Our Virtual CISO service ensures that the organisation is not left exposed and that cost saving over a full time role are achieved.


To find out more about our services and how we can help prepare and protect your business from cyber attack please get in contact.